Innovative Strategies for Human Trafficking Victim Services

The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center is the first state certified* crisis center in Oklahoma. Located in Oklahoma City, the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center combines a “crisis center” model with a home-based approach.

Our innovative model enables us to reach a broad population of people impacted by human trafficking who, at this point, remain tragically underserved. A few unique elements of The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center include:


The Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center (HTRRC) is non-residential; the people we serve do not stay there. Instead, the HTRRC serves as a safe place where human trafficking victim/survivors receive trauma-informed, victim centered care from our staff, including specialized Case Management, Crisis Intervention, and linkage to practically any service they need through our extensive network of community partners. Those we serve at the HTRRC receive services in a safe, inviting, home-like atmosphere.

Why did we decide to open a non-residential center? Exiting human trafficking can be a journey – one that looks different for every individual. Some individuals are not ready to leave their situation right away for a number of highly complex reasons. Some exit human trafficking, but don’t feel a shelter setting is right for them at the moment (possibly never). At the HTRRC, these individuals can still get on the path to transformation by being linked with services to meet their immediate and long-term needs.


Women, Men, Juveniles

At the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center, The Dragonfly Home Staff is state certified* to serve a broad demographic of human trafficking victim-survivors. While we believe in and plan to open a human trafficking shelter in Oklahoma City in 2018, that certification exclusively allows services for adult women who are or have been victims of sex trafficking.

By offering non-residential services at the HTRRC, we can serve women and men who have been victims of sex trafficking, labor trafficking, or both. In certain circumstances, we can also serve juveniles victims of human trafficking.

Diverse Communities

We are passionate about reaching out to Oklahoma City’s diverse neighborhoods and cultural communities to make sure more people in these communities are informed about human trafficking and know about our services for human trafficking victim services. Our goal is both to prevent future victims of human trafficking and to serve those who have been impacted by this heinous crime.

Native American Cultural Services

Oklahoma is home to and enriched by numerous Native American tribes. Tribal leaders are making tremendous strides in serving victims of crime within these communities. The Dragonfly Home is especially passionate about serving Native American victims of the crime of human trafficking. This culturally sensitive approach may include cultural and religious activities of the client’s choosing.


Those who identify as LGBTQ are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking and remain tragically underserved. We make it a priority to provide a safe, welcoming environment where these individuals can receive help and support.

Developmentally Challenged

Those who are developmentally challenged remain vulnerable to recruitment into human trafficking and often have a specific set of needs after they exit trafficking. The Dragonfly Home staff has experience serving people with these challenges and helping them succeed on the path to recovery.

Labor Trafficking

The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center is the first organization in Oklahoma to operate a state certified* crisis center serving victims of labor trafficking. Contrary to popular belief, labor trafficking does occur in the United States. Victims include foreign nationals, but also American citizens, both men and women.

Individuals impacted by labor trafficking suffer from trauma and have a specific set of needs, including medical, mental health, and legal services; documentation retrieval; and linguistic support. These individuals may not be identified properly as human trafficking victims. Even when they are, there simply aren’t many places for them to go where they can receive services tailored to their needs.

The Dragonfly Home staff has experience in providing case management for both international and domestic victims of labor trafficking. We are honored to be a forerunner in providing these services in Oklahoma.

Sex Trafficking

Despite the rise of highly publicized media coverage about sex trafficking, victims of the crime remain underserved. While shelter programs for sex trafficking victims provide crucial support – and The Dragonfly Home plans to open one in Oklahoma City in 2018 – the setting is not best suited for every individual. In addition, shelters are usually only able to help adult women. Victim services for men and juveniles who exit sex trafficking are uncommon.

By providing services non-residentially, The Dragonfly Home helps survivors of sex trafficking who otherwise would have nowhere to turn. We work to facilitate every single need according to each individual’s experiences, needs, and goals.