Core Program Values

The Dragonfly Home is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for survivors of human trafficking in Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma! Our philosophy of service provision is made up of the following Core Program values:

Trauma Informed care for human trafficking victims

Recognizes the complex effects of trauma on a human trafficking survivor’s mind, body, memory, and responses. Emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety to create an environment that feels safe and secure. Works to empower individuals to take back control over their life.

Culturally Sensitive | The Dragonfly Home | Human Trafficking Victim Services

Specifically aims to understand and honor every person’s culture, society, ethnic group, and background. Adjusts approach to each human trafficking survivor according to their individual culture so that everyone is welcomed with a trauma informed response.

Strengths Based approach for human trafficking victims

Encourages each person to see their own strength, resourcefulness, and resilience in overcoming human trafficking and other adversity. Emphasizes human trafficking survivors discovering and developing their own personal goals.  Focuses on working toward positive future outcomes.

Safety Centered | The Dragonfly Home | Human Trafficking Victim Services

Places emphasis on providing a safe and secure place, as well as safe people, for survivors to receive services. This includes physical, psychological, and emotional safety. Recognizes the need for physical protection of many human trafficking survivors from perpetrators who may still intend to cause harm. Prioritizes taking steps to avoid re-traumatization.

Survivor Inspired care for human trafficking victims

Prioritizes learning from survivors. Recognizes that survivors are the experts about the experience of human trafficking. Emphasizes the practice of adjusting services to reflect the what a trauma informed approach actually looks like for those recovering from trafficking, rather than assuming that traditional or past practices are best.

Ensures the promotion of anti-racism and racial equity in all areas of the organization.

Survivors of human trafficking who access our services can expect fair, respectful, and equitable treatment regardless of race, color, religion/creed, gender, gender expression, age, national origin/ancestry, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or legal status. This has been, and always will be, the heartbeat of our organization.

Victim Centered |The Dragonfly Home | Human Trafficking Victim Services

Treats every person with respect and consideration. Remembers that human trafficking is what happened to a person; it is not that person’s identity. Tailors programming to each individual’s needs and goals with a trauma informed approach.

Provides services that are accessed on a completely voluntary basis. Recognizes that individuals participating in programming will make decisions about every aspect of their service plan, set their own goals, determine the course of their future, and freely choose how they want to move forward every step of the way.

Home Based care for human trafficking victims

Emphasizes a warm, welcoming home environment. Seeks to establish a non-clinical atmosphere in which healing takes place. Promotes a trauma-informed sense of home as normal and safe, sometimes for the first time in a human trafficking survivor’s life.