How did we choose the name The Dragonfly Home?

We carefully and specifically chose our name, The Dragonfly Home! The aspects of our name symbolize a number of our Core Program Values in serving victim/survivors of human trafficking.


The dragonfly represents so much for the people we serve: the strength they have now, as well as the future of freedom they can walk toward!

In nearly every part of the world, spanning generations, this winged creature has symbolized transformation, courage, resilience, and happiness. Flying with grace and elegance, the dragonfly’s wings carry it toward discovering boundless possibilities and realizing the depth of one’s true potential.


Whether receiving services in a non-residential or residential setting, victim/survivors of human trafficking will experience a place that feels like home through The Dragonfly Home!

We strongly believe in the power of a warm, inviting, homey environment as the best place to recover! Our services at the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center are non-residential, where our therapy rooms feel more like living rooms! The Dragonfly Human Trafficking Transition Home, also embraces the atmosphere of a real home.