Frequently Asked Questions

The Dragonfly Home is certified by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General.

The state of Oklahoma requires direct service providers for victims of human trafficking to undergo a certification process. Direct service agencies must have specific policies and procedures in place that adhere to Title 75, Chapters 1 and 30 of the Oklahoma Administrative Code. Certified providers are granted certification, audited, and overseen in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General.

The Dragonfly Home Staff are proud that our state provides accountability, oversight, and excellent standards of care for victims of human trafficking and those who provide direct care.

Victims of the crime of human trafficking deserve to receive the absolute highest standard of care. Without proper training, there is a high risk of well-meaning people doing further unintentional psychological and emotional harm to victims. Without proper security, victims are often still in danger even after exiting a human trafficking situation (potentially putting those serving them in danger as well).

Submitting to and abiding by the standards set by the Oklahoma Attorney General reduces risk of further harm to victims and promotes the best possible care for victims.

Yes, The Dragonfly Home is tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Dragonfly Home leadership personally identify as followers of Christ, endeavor to follow His gospel of showing love to all people, and believe in God’s power to transform and restore.

However, the organization is not classified as “faith based,” nor does it or will it discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation. The Dragonfly Home operates under the value of treating all people with equal love, respect, and consideration regardless of their own personal beliefs.

No. The Dragonfly Home offers culturally competent services, recognizing and respecting all individuals’ decisions about participating in any religion.

The Dragonfly Home does make opportunities available to participate in Christian-based Bible studies and devotionals. However, no one is ever pressured or expected to participate in these activities.

Every reasonable effort is made to accommodate any client who expresses a desire to practice their chosen religion and to connect them to opportunities to participate in their chosen religious activities.

The Dragonfly Home provides some counseling and therapy to clients on site and some will be facilitated by community resources. We have a broad array of community partners and resources who offer a variety of mental health services available to clients. We work with clients to determine what will suit their needs best and facilitate them receiving those services.

Clients who participate in The Dragonfly Home Relief and Restoration Center may receive linkage to services and staff support as long as they need it. We work with clients to help them receive restoration and gain independence, recognizing that every individual’s process is entirely unique and tailoring services to each person.

No. All services The Dragonfly Home directly provides will be free of charge. 

We have a variety of opportunities available! Visit our Volunteer page for further information.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911. You may also call our 24-Hour Confidential Human Trafficking Helpline, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, whenever it’s safe for you. 

LOCAL: 405.212.3377

TOLL FREE: 855.674.4767

The term “victim” has legal implications within the criminal justice process and generally means an individual who suffered harm as a result of criminal conduct. “Victims” also have particular rights within the criminal justice process.

“Survivor” is a term used by many in the services field to recognize the strength it takes to continue on a journey toward healing in the aftermath of a traumatic experience.

Reference: Federal Human Trafficking Strategic Plan

No. For questions, contact our 24-Hour Confidential Human Trafficking Helpline or send us a message on our Contact Us form.

Human Trafficking Helpline:

LOCAL: 405.212.3377

TOLL FREE: 855.674.4767

Yes, we provide services to children of victim/survivors of trafficking both in The Dragonfly Home and through referring to community partners and other resources.

Anyone who has been a victim of the crime of human trafficking.