The Dragonfly Home walks alongside victim-survivors of human trafficking on their path to freedom and restoration.

What does that mean? Freedom and restoration are words with a lot of meaning, and it looks different for each person.

It looks like meeting each person exactly where they’re at on their personal path after exiting human trafficking.

It looks like offering support and services to help a person find physical recovery from the abuse of trafficking.

It looks like offering voluntary, trauma-focused mental healthcare as a way to help a person courageously work through the trauma they experienced.

It looks helping someone navigate the barriers they face as they take steps to start over again.

It looks like believing in each person’s unique strengths and supporting them as they choose goals for the life they want to build.

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When a person escapes from human trafficking, their journey to a future of freedom—physical, psychological, and emotional—is just beginning.

In addition to experiencing brutal violence and psychological control from traffickers and the people who exploit them, victim-survivors of trafficking also know what it’s like to be treated like a product for sale instead of a human being.

Those who experience human trafficking each have a different story, but each person walks in incredible courage, compassion, and resilience every single day.

Dragonfly meets victim-survivors of human trafficking, including sex trafficking and labor trafficking, with compassion and empathy, working with each person as an individual in charge of their own healing journey. No judgment. No strings attached.

We serve all genders, American citizens and foreign nationals, ages 15 and up. We also serve children and family members of people who come to Dragonfly. The only qualification for our services is that someone has experienced a form of human trafficking.

We offer all services free of charge at Dragonfly, regardless of a person’s income.


The people we serve at Dragonfly inspire us every day with their courage, creativity, and determination.

Dragonfly specializes exclusively in human trafficking victim-survivors services. 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Helping people recover from the trauma of human trafficking is about more than a list of services. It’s about being there to celebrate each person’s daily victories, offer an empathetic ear on the hard days, and help navigate the many barriers trafficking victim-survivors face as they work to build a new life.

Through Dragonfly’s programs, our team provides highly specialized crisis intervention, case management, and advocacy to address the severe trauma and extensive needs that are specific to victim-survivors of human trafficking and their children.

We meet each person exactly where they’re at on their path after human trafficking.

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The Dragonfly Home is the only non-profit in Oklahoma City and central Oklahoma that is state certified by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General to serve victim-survivors of human trafficking. Dragonfly was founded in March 2016 and received certification in November 2016.

Human Trafficking Crisis Center: Dragonfly has served nearly 900 victim-survivors of sex and labor trafficking through our non-residential Human Trafficking Crisis Center and fielded over 8,000 calls to our 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline.

The Crisis Center is the heartbeat of our operation. We offer specialized case management, crisis intervention, and advocacy to human trafficking victim-survivors here. We connect those we serve to medical and dental care; mental health counseling; legal assistance; and meet basic needs like food, clothing, and safe shelter.

Human Trafficking Transition Home: In fall 2022, we opened Oklahoma’s first and only state-certified Human Trafficking Transition Home for women who are victims of sex and/or labor trafficking, as well as their dependent, minor children. We recently celebrated our first Transition Home graduate!

Housing Assistance Program: We operate a Housing Assistance Program in partnership with Upward Transitions and the City of Oklahoma City to provide scattered, independent housing throughout OKC.

Community Outreach: We’ve reached thousands of people over the years through our Community Outreach Program raising awareness of human trafficking and services for victims of the crime.

Partnerships: No one agency or organization can tackle the issue of human trafficking or meet the vast, intense needs of trafficking victim-survivors! We are incredibly grateful for our partners in medical and dental care, mental healthcare, and the legal field; law enforcement and government agencies and officials, small business owners who offer their services; and so many fellow nonprofits who work with us to meet needs through their specializations.

People we’ve served have gone on to earn their GED, attend college, reunite with family, get married and start their own family, pursue a new career, join the military, and more!