Our Mission

The Dragonfly Home walks alongside human trafficking victim-survivors on their path to freedom and restoration.

Our Story

The Dragonfly Home was founded in March 2016 and received certification from the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General in November 2016.

The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Crisis Center | Est. 2016, Oklahoma City

We then opened Oklahoma’s first and only non-residential Human Trafficking Crisis Center. To date, Dragonfly has served hundreds of victim-survivors of sex and/or labor trafficking, including all genders, adults and juveniles, through our Human Trafficking Crisis Center. We also operate a 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline, where our team has fielded thousands of calls.

We also opened Oklahoma’s first-ever state-certified Human Trafficking Transition Home in 2022.

The Dragonfly Home remains the only non-profit in Oklahoma City that is state-certified to serve victim-survivors of human trafficking.

Through our Human Trafficking Crisis Center, we provide whatever victim-survivors need to begin healing physically, emotionally, and psychologically from the intense violence and dehumanization of human trafficking.

Our team provides highly specialized crisis intervention, case management, and advocacy to address the severe trauma and extensive needs that are specific to victim-survivors of human trafficking and their children. That includes providing therapy, access to medical care, court advocacy, access to legal assistance, and more. We meet the basic needs of victim-survivors and their children, such as providing access to safe housing, food and clothing, toiletries, and transportation.

Safety and security are frequently a concern for victim-survivors of trafficking—particularly when a trafficker is trying to track them down to do further harm—so we create safety plans to mitigate those risks. We also provide services and programming tailored to meet each person’s unique needs.

Kids’ Playroom at Dragonfly’s Human Trafficking Crisis Center

Human trafficking is dark, but at Dragonfly we get to see the hope that is possible when victim-survivors receive specialized care. These individuals demonstrate remarkable strength, bravery, and resilience. We have had the privilege of walking alongside hundreds of victim-survivors as they work hard to achieve their goals and build a new life.

People we’ve served have gone on to earn their GED, attend college, reunite with family, get married and start their own family, pursue a new career, join the military, and more!