Who is #TeamDragonfly? We are a passionate group of individuals united together by a cause: doing our part to end human trafficking.

We are a leadership team and volunteer staff with nearly twenty years of collective experience human trafficking survivors in Oklahoma City and throughout Oklahoma, as well as in anti-human trafficking advocacy. Compassion and excellence are woven into our core program values. Our program at The Dragonfly Home is certified by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General, ensuring that victim/survivors of human trafficking in Oklahoma receive the highest possible standard of care and protection, which they so strongly deserve.

#TeamDragonfly is also made up of volunteers, community partners, and donors who give their time, money, and professional services generously in support of services for victim/survivors of human trafficking. Without our amazing community of support, we could never achieve our vision and mission to serve human trafficking survivors in Oklahoma City and beyond!

Finally, we at #TeamDragonfly are incredibly grateful. We know we are called by God to pour out everything we have and do everything we can to the fight human trafficking in Oklahoma City, in Oklahoma, and beyond. We are privileged to serve the incredible survivors we get to walk with. We are honored to dedicate our lives to #AFutureOfFreedom through The Dragonfly Home.

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