1. Stand Up Today

    The Dragonfly Home remains the only non-profit in Oklahoma City that is state-certified to serve victim-survivors of human trafficking. Through our Human Trafficking Crisis Center, we provide whatever victim-survivors need to begin healing physically, emotionally, and psychologically from the intense violence and dehumanization of human trafficking. Our team provides highly specialized crisis intervention, case management, and advocacy to address the severe trauma and extensive needs that are specific to victim-survivors of human trafficking and their children. That includes providing therapy, access to medical care, court advocacy, access to legal assistance, and more. We meet the basic needs of victim-survivors and their children, such as providing access to safe housing, food and clothing, toiletries, and transportation.
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  2. Jenna’s #DriveforDragonfly 2022

    Help me raise funds to support the efforts of The Dragonfly Home!
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  3. Maddie’s Drive for Dragonfly 2022

    Your dollar matters, because the individual matters. There is an estimate of at least 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. I can guarantee there are way more, because this is such an underground operation. That may seem very overwhelming, and it should be, but that shouldn't stop us. We should never let what we can't do stop us from what we can do. Your $1, 5$, etc. matters because individuals matter. Changing one person's life matters. If we are going to spend our lives on something let it be that, because over time that is what truly changes the world.
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  4. O’Fallon Drive for Dragonfly Campaign!

    Join us in learning about the issue of human trafficking happening right here in the state of Oklahoma, how we can push it back, and how The Dragonfly Home is doing extraordinary work to bring hope and healing to those impacted by this violent crime!
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  5. Laura’s Drive for Dragonfly

    Help me raise $1,500 for the Dragonfly Home!
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  6. Ashley’s Drive for Dragonfly

    Traffickers often use “branding” as a way to gain control over a victim and indicate “ownership” of that person. Branding can often be a tattoo or carving on a victim of something like the trafficker’s name, a gang symbol, or even a bar code. It’s also a way to put a price tag on a person’s life, treating them like a product instead of a human being. At Dragonfly, we stand against the idea that human beings are for sale. That’s why we’re taking back tattoos and using them to declare that EVERYONE deserves A Future of Freedom!
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