You’ve created your Dragonfly Fundraising Page! (#hero)

Now what?

Tips for a Successful Dragonfly Fundraiser!

1. Social Media

Post your fundraising page link on all your social media accounts! Share it several times over the course of your fundraiser. Here are a few ideas for content:

  • Explain why ending human trafficking is important to you.
  • Share why you chose to raise money for The Dragonfly Home.
  • Do a few Facebook live videos explaining your fundraiser and updating people on how much you’ve raised.
  • Make some Snapchat videos about your fundraiser.

2. Email

Send personalized emails to friends and family asking them to support you. Make sure to include the link to your fundraising page!

3. Dedicate Birthday/Party

Ask friends and family to give to your fundraising page as your birthday or holiday gift! Host a barbecue, a movie night, a game night and ask your friends to make a donation to your page in honor of you hosting the party.

4. Form a Team

Invite some friends, classmates, co-workers, Bible study group, etc. to join you in making their own fundraising pages! You might be surprised how much a group of dedicated individuals can accomplish!

5. Fundraising Event for The Dragonfly Home

Take your fundraising page to the next level – organize your own fundraiser for The Dragonfly Home! Ask your participants to create their own fundraising page for your event. Create an image/graphic for your event that you ask them all to use. Here are just a few ideas for a fundraising event:

  • 5K run/walk
  • Dance-A-Thon
  • Read-A-Thon
  • Knit-A-Thon

If you decide to make a bigger fundraiser, please contact us here so we can get in touch with you about your event! Consider getting our Rally in a Bag for tons of pre-made materials and an event planning guide!

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