Sign up to invest monthly in Dragonfly’s services for survivors of human trafficking and you’ll become Freedom Flight Crew Member! Your monthly support will help survivors get what they need to gain restoration and set the course for building a new life!

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How will your monthly donation help?

Meeting Survivors’ Emergency Needs

Human trafficking survivors often come to our Human Trafficking Crisis Center with urgent needs like food, clothing, medical care, or for those who need to get far away from a dangerous trafficker, emergency relocation.

Freedom Flight Crew Members’ monthly donation will help Dragonfly provide for these emergency needs, helping survivors move from crisis to stabilization and, ultimately, to an independent and fulfilling life!

Intervention in Times of Crisis

Survivors of human trafficking may experience different types of crisis when working toward overcoming what happened to them. Everything from PTSD triggers and severe anxiety to facing dangerous situations.

Through Dragonfly’s 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline, survivors can call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and find an advocate who can spend the time it takes to help them reach safety and stabilization, as well as make appointments to come to our Human Trafficking Crisis Center. Freedom Flight Crew Members monthly investment will help support Dragonfly’s crisis intervention services for survivors!

Support for Children and Family of Trafficking Survivors

Human trafficking doesn’t just affect those who personally experienced exploitation; it also impacts their children and family members. Parents and children of a trafficking survivor can be devastated by what happened to their loved one. Dragonfly provides emotional support and services as their family member heals.

Many survivors we serve also have children who come to Dragonfly while their parent participates in our services. We have a dedicated Kids Room at Dragonfly for children to play in during their parent’s appointment!

What will you receive as a Freedom Flight Crew Member?

As a Freedom Flight Crew Member, you are propelling human trafficking survivors toward freedom—and that makes you a VIP in our book! When you join, you’ll receive:

1. Access to the Freedom Flight Crew Welcome Center! You’ll get your password on your receipt after you sign up. The Welcome Center includes:

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