Drive for Dragonfly

What Is Drive for Dragonfly?

The Drive for Dragonfly is a month-long fundraiser every December where participants create personalized fundraising pages to support Dragonfly’s specialized services for victim-survivors of human trafficking in Oklahoma City. Participants raise thousands of dollars every year!

Past Drive for Dragonfly participants have been so impacted by their experience that many come back year after year! They shared messages about their experiences for you!

How Does It Work?

1. SIGN UP. REGISTRATION FORM and make a suggested donation of $5 to help cover the cost temporary tattoos with the!

2. GET YOUR TEMPORARY TATTOOS. (NOTE: Our temporary tattoos are delayed in arriving. We’re hoping they’ll arrive the first full week of December and we’ll send them as soon as we receive them! CLICK HERE for ideas for styling your social media posts until they arrive!)

Make a $5 donation via the DONATION FORM to cover the shipping of your 15 temporary tattoos (more on the tattoos below!). We’ll ship them asap! P.S. You don’t have to wait until you have your tattoos to start your campaign!

3. MAKE YOUR PAGE. Create your personalized fundraising page on the Dragonfly website HERE by December 1st!

4. VISIT RESOURCES PAGE. Find instructions and tips for your fundraiser on the  RESOURCES PAGE.

5. SHARE. Share a pic of your temporary tattoo and your fundraising link on social media every day in December so your friends and family can support your efforts! No need to worry about what to write for each post! Dragonfly provides pre-written captions you can use every day of the month!

Why Temporary Tattoos?

Drive for Dragonfly Temporary Tattoos:

Traffickers often use “branding” as a way to gain control over a victim and indicate “ownership” of that person. Branding can often be a tattoo or carving on a victim of something like the trafficker’s name, a gang symbol, or even a bar code. It’s also a way to put a price tag on a person’s life, treating them like a product instead of a human being.

At Dragonfly, we stand against the idea that human beings are for sale. That’s why we’re taking tattoos back! Our temporary tattoos for Drive for Dragonfly declare that everyone deserves “A Future of Freedom.”

How Does It Help Human Trafficking Victim-Survivors?

The funds raised during Drive for Dragonfly help Dragonfly provide what human trafficking victim-survivors need to heal and build a new life after human trafficking. Learn More

Drive for Dragonfly participants also help increase awareness of human trafficking by sharing about it on social media throughout December (and Dragonfly provides a ton of pre-made social media content you can use!



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