Drive for Dragonfly

Our Most Exciting Time of the Year! Be A Part!

The Drive for Dragonfly is our annual, month-long fundraiser every December where Dragonfly supporters come together and raise thousands of dollars to help human trafficking survivors and their children!

How It Works

Each participant creates their own fundraising page and share it with their community in their own way throughout December! It’s a fun and easy way to make a big difference for human trafficking survivors! WATCH the video below to see how Drive works!



Sign up by November 30!

Three Steps to Participate in Drive for Dragonfly

1. Complete the REGISTRATION FORM. We’ll send you 30 temporary tattoos and some great information to help you have more fun with your fundraiser!

Note #1: Temporary tattoos are FREE, but if you’d like to make an option donation to cover the cost, please click HERE.

Note #2: You’ll get 30 tattoos. Consider taking multiple photos with one of your tattoos so you have plenty for the month. You can even share them your with friends and include your pals in your posts!

2. Make your personalized fundraising page by December 1st! (Or get a head start by starting your campaign on Tuesday, November 29th on Giving Tuesday! What is Giving Tuesday?)

Plan to share your fundraiser mostly on Facebook and/or Instagram? Consider making a Facebook fundraiser. Facebook sometimes hides fundraising pages made through other platforms. However, Facebook makes a Facebook fundraiser visible to your friends. You can also easily link it to your Instagram account and share on your grid, stories, and reels.

Plan to share your fundraiser mostly on LinkedIn, Twitter, email, or other platforms? Consider creating your personalized fundraising page on the Dragonfly website HERE!

Or make both kinds of pages and share on the best platform for each of them!

Note: Visit our RESOURCES PAGE for great tips and strategies to make your Drive for Dragonfly easier, more effective, and more fun!

3. Share your fundraiser with your friends and family! We challenge you to share a pic of your temporary tattoo and fundraising link on social media every day in December! Seem like a lot? Not everyone will see every post, so sharing every day gives more people the opportunity to support your efforts. Sharing every day also indicates that you take your efforts seriously – and others will notice!

Note: Dragonfly provides a month’s worth of pre-written captions about human trafficking, our services, and survivor stories you can add to your posts! You don’t have to think of something every day, just use the captions you like best!

Why Do We Feature Temporary Tattoos During Drive for Dragonfly?

Traffickers often use “branding” as a way to gain control over a victim and indicate “ownership” of that person. Branding can often be a tattoo or carving on a victim of something like the trafficker’s name, a gang symbol, or even a bar code. It’s also a way to put a price tag on a person’s life, treating them like a product instead of a human being.

At Dragonfly, we stand against the idea that human beings are for sale. That’s why we’re taking back tattoos and using them to declare that EVERYONE deserves A Future of Freedom!

How Does Drive for Dragonfly Help Human Trafficking Survivors?

The funds you raise during Drive for Dragonfly will support Dragonfly’s programming for human trafficking survivors and their children, including our Human Trafficking Crisis Center, where we’ve served over 700 trafficking survivors, plus their children; 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline, where we’ve fielded over 7,000 calls; and our brand new Human Trafficking Transition Home.

You’ll also help increase awareness of human trafficking by sharing your photos on social media throughout December! Your followers will learn about human trafficking, how Dragonfly helps survivors, and hear survivor stories.


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