Drive for Dragonfly

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Your one-stop place for everything you need to know about Drive for Dragonfly! We’re glad you’re here! Check out our welcome video, which is also summarized in the information below.

What Is Drive for Dragonfly?

The Drive for Dragonfly was initiated by a college student in 2017 who wanted to help victim-survivors of human trafficking in Oklahoma City in a practical way. The first year, participants created fundraising pages for The Dragonfly Home, shared them on social media, and raised over $7500 in one month!

Last year, the group grew and raised over $17,000 just during December!

How Does It Help Human Trafficking Victim-Survivors?

These funds help Dragonfly provide what human trafficking victim-survivors need to heal and build a new life after human trafficking! This can include providing access to medical care, counseling, emergency shelter, legal assistance, and anything else they need!

Drive for Dragonfly also increases awareness of human trafficking! Participant can share information (provided by The Dragonfly Home) about human trafficking on social media. They also wear temporary tattoos, which always spark conversations in real life, too!

How Does It Work?

1. Complete the two simple steps for signing up below!

2. Create your personalized fundraising page on the Dragonfly website by December 1st (or as soon as possible after you sign up).

3. Share your fundraising page link every day in December on social media!

– Wear your temporary tattoo – the QR Code that says “A Future of Freedom” – and post a photo  on social media of it every day in December. Note: You’ll receive 15 tattoos (they last about two days each).

-NOTE: If we run out by the time you’re ready to sign up, you CAN still participate!! You can just post a photo of yourself every day and use the information from our Drive Resource page (available after you sign up).

– Include your fundraising page link or add it to your Instagram bio.

– Share a personal message and/or copy and paste the Post Content that Dragonfly provides in the Resource Library you’ll gain access to after you sign up.

– Share the Infographics from the Resource Library as an additional post or in your story.

– Friends or relatives not on social media? Email them a few times throughout December using the Email Templates provided in the Resource Library!

Why Temporary Tattoos?

Traffickers often use “branding” as a way to gain control over a victim and indicate “ownership” of that person. Branding can often be a tattoo or carving on a victim of something like the trafficker’s name, a gang symbol, or even a bar code. It’s also a way to put a price tag on a person’s life, treating them like a product instead of a human being.

At Dragonfly, we stand against the idea that human beings are for sale. That’s why we’re taking tattoos back! Our temporary tattoos for Drive for Dragonfly declare that everyone deserves “A Future of Freedom.” Tattoos are first come, first served. But if we run out, you CAN still participate!!


Email us at!

1. Sign Up for Email List

You’ll receive a welcome email right after signing up which grants you access to the Resources for the Drive. This is also how we’ll communicate with you throughout December!

NOTE: If the email form doesn’t work for you, try opening up this page in a different browser! If that doesn’t work, please email and we’ll add you to the mailing list. Then, please proceed to the donation form! 🙂


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2.$5 suggested donation for temporary tattoos

Dragonfly is a small non-profit and most of our funding directly support the services we provide for human trafficking victim-survivors. We appreciate you donating a suggested $5 to help cover the cost of providing the temporary tattoos (they really do make a difference throughout the Drive!).

Tattoos are first come, first served. But if we run out, you CAN still participate!! You can just post photos without a tattoo throughout December.

NOTE: If you’re ordering tattoos for multiple people, the donation is a suggested $5 per person. Thank you!

Click HERE to make your donation!