Create your fundraising page by December 1st!

OR…get a head start and create and kick off your fundraiser on Giving Tuesday, November 29! (What is Giving Tuesday?)

Plan to share your fundraiser mostly on Facebook and/or Instagram? Consider making a Facebook fundraiser. Facebook sometimes hides fundraising pages made through other platforms. However, Facebook makes a Facebook fundraiser visible to your friends. You can also easily link it to your Instagram account and share on your grid, stories, and reels.

Plan to share your fundraiser mostly on LinkedIn, Twitter, email, or other platforms? Consider creating your personalized fundraising page on the Dragonfly website HERE! It’s quick and easy! See tips below!

Or make both kinds of pages and share on the best platform for each of them!

Share your fundraiser on social media throughout December. Past participants who have shared every day in December raised the most funds! Be sure to: 1) Include your fundraising page link; 2) Ask that people donate to your page; 3) Share photo of your tattoo; 4) Add #DriveforDragonfly.

Want to see some examples of past participants’ social media? Explore #DriveforDragonfly on Instagram or Facebook!

Need Caption Ideas? We provide pre-written captions for your posts, including information about human trafficking and Dragonfly’s work, enough for every day of December Copy, paste, and personalize, if you want! Check back closer to December 1 for our Content Library.


If you decide to make a fundraising page on our website (instead of making a Facebook fundraiser), we’ve got tips for you!

Click HERE to make your page!

What do I put on my fundraising page?

TITLE: Include your first name, e.g., Sarah’s Drive for Dragonfly Fundraiser. That will help people find your page!

PHOTO: Include a photo of your face (maybe including your tattoo!).

DESCRIPTION: Write a sentence or two about why you’re doing Drive for Dragonfly and/or why taking action to combat human trafficking is important to you!

EXTENDED DESCRIPTION: Optional. People will see this in addition to your description when they view your campaign page. If you have more to say about human trafficking, why you’re passionate about the cause, etc., you can write as much or as little as you want here.

PERSONAL PROFILE: You can skip this part, if you want. It doesn’t show up publicly when people see your campaign page.



Pre-written captions for December 1st-7th! Check back next week for more captions!



We will send your tattoos close to December 1st! You can start your campaign even if you don’t have your tattoos yet!


Clean and dry skin. Peel back the plastic cover. Stick the tattoo to your hand, arm, etc. Cover tattoo with a wet washcloth or paper towel. Hold firmly in place about 60 seconds. Gently remove the washcloth and paper backing. Voila!


Make sure your skin is clean and dry when you apply. While wearing your tattoo, avoid scrubbing the area with soap and water or applying lotion and oils to the area. Periodically sprinkle baby powder, corn starch, or talcum powder over the area to absorb natural oils in skin.


Apply coconut oil, baby oil, eye makeup remover. Rub gently with a washcloth and warm water.


Take inspiration from former participants who got super creative with their Drive for Dragonfly fundraisers!

Caroline baked and sold her special Nutella cookies, $1 for one and $10/dozen! She donated the money she raised through her fundraising page.

Maddie created and sold watercolors to boost her fundraising!

Marla sold bags of Puppy Chow to her friends on campus! She sold sandwich bags for $5 and gallon bags for $15. She raised an additional $175!

Micayla drove friends to their college classes for a donation via Venmo! Then she submitted the money to The Dragonfly Home – over $100!

Melissa said she would dye her hair purple if she raised $1000…and it worked! She had purple hair for Christmas!

How to tell others about Drive for Dragonfly

Some participants are nervous or aren’t sure of what to say when people ask about their campaign or tattoo! We’ve got you covered with some example explanations!!

Talking about your fundraiser for Dragonfly:

This month, I’m raising money for The Dragonfly Home, a nonprofit in OKC that has served hundreds of survivors of human trafficking and their children. Dragonfly provides things like medical care, therapy, food and clothing, and whatever else they need to heal and build a new life!

If someone asks why you’re wearing a tattoo:
Traffickers sometimes force trafficking victims to wear a tattoo to show that the person is their property. We’re wearing these tattoos that say “A Future of Freedom” to say that people are not property and to stand for freedom for every person.

Talking about human trafficking:
Human trafficking is when people are bought and sold for sex or labor. Victims do not have a choice – they are controlled by the traffickers who sell them. Human trafficking can happen to anyone and it happens right here in our state and our town.

When discussing these things, remind people about your fundraiser:
If you’d be interested in learning more or donating, I have a fundraising page for the month of December! Would you like me to send you the link?