Dragonfly’s Response to COVID-19

Human trafficking doesn’t stop for pandemics. Dragonfly is experiencing a flood in calls for help from human trafficking victim/survivors and their children. Learn more about how we’re continuing to offer life-saving, life-changing care while taking every health and safety precaution.

Please help us serve human trafficking victim/survivors during this crisis.

In this time of crisis, your donation will help us continue offering life-saving, life-changing care while taking every health and safety precaution. Please help Dragonfly continue to meet human trafficking victim/survivors’ needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Click HERE to give today!

Message from Dragonfly Regarding COVID-19

As always, the health and safety of our people is our number one priority. It is important to us that we steward this organization, its resources, and our people—the human trafficking victim/survivors we serve, as well as our staff, volunteers, and supporters—with great care.

We are closely monitoring the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. Our leadership team has consulted with and will to continue to consult with other frontline professionals, partner community agencies, and state agencies to determine organizational best practices in addressing this issue.

One thing is abundantly clear: human trafficking victim/survivors still need our help and Dragonfly will continue to answer the call.

How does the COVID-19 crisis impact human trafficking?

Human trafficking doesn’t stop for pandemics. In fact, the business of selling humans thrives in times of crisis and uncertainty. Those who are currently in human trafficking situations experience extreme danger and violence on a daily basis. Now, they have the added risk of exposure to the Coronavirus and likely don’t have the freedom to take measures to protect themselves and their children.

Traffickers are also likely to target new victims online during the COVID-19 crisis. Frontline professionals have seen that traffickers take advantage of the most vulnerable in times of dire need, such as financial stress, food insecurity, or lack of safe housing. As schools close and move to online classes, traffickers will have unparalleled access to children and teens who are spending more time online, resulting in even more victims of this crime who will need our help.

How is Dragonfly serving human trafficking victim/survivors during this crisis?

Dragonfly’s 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline is still fully operational and we are fielding an unprecedented number of calls. Fortunately, we have a unique service delivery model that can be adapted during times of crisis. This enables us to continue providing life-saving, life-changing services.

We are as committed as ever to serving human trafficking victim/survivors. We’re using technology creatively to provide assistance where we can and still providing in-person care as needed. Human trafficking victim/survivors still have access to:

  • Safety planning
  • Crisis intervention and specialized case management
  • Emotional and psychological support
  • Emergency relocation when a victim/survivor needs to get to a safer location
  • Food, clothing, toiletries, medication
  • Medical care and mental healthcare through our partners
  • Community and support groups

What precautions is Dragonfly taking for the health of victim/survivors?

Dragonfly staff frequently cleans and sanitizes our Human Trafficking Crisis Center. Staff members are taking measures recommended by the CDC to prevent the spread of the virus, including recommended hand washing practices and social distancing. We’re also posting signage with information about preventing the spread of disease throughout the Crisis Center.

We’re also in frequent communication with victim/survivors about availability of services and safety measures.

Our staff is continually reevaluating these measures. We’ll continue to update our approach as this crisis unfolds and we get more information.

How can I help?

You can make a huge difference in supporting our services for human trafficking victim/survivors during this time of crisis! Make a donation to Dragonfly by mailing a check to: The Dragonfly Home, PO Box 94613, Oklahoma City, OK 73143 or by filling out the form below!

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