What makes you human?|Mackinzee Slattery’s Campaign

October 26, 2020 Mackinzee Slattery
A photograph is worth more than a thousand words... Through the modality of photography, let's capture "What makes you human" and work towards a world where each person's humanity is invaluable.
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I’m a local photographer and when thinking about how to make a difference, an idea popped into my head. I want to photograph people in their favorite places with their answer to the question “What makes you human?”… why? In a world where humans are trafficked and tearing others down is so common, reminding each other that we are all humans feels increasingly important. I want to give each person I photograph a chance to tell the world the best parts about them. I want to help spread a little light and love and bring humanity together, even if it is just in this small way. Do you want to partner with me? Text me at (405) 926-0688 for more information.

Follow the campaign at https://www.photosbymoo.com/galleries/what-makes-you-human

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