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January 26, 2021 Lambda Delta Psi Sorority, Inc.
Lambda Delta Psi has paired up with The Dragonfly Home to raise awareness for Human Traffikcing. With your donation, we are able to help The Dragonfly Home achieve it's mission and purpose of ending human trafficking and raise awareness as well! We believe every human has the right to freedom and being able to dream!
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As an organization that consists of women, we are aware of how high the risks of being trafficked can be. Every Spring semester, the Alpha Chapter of Lambda Delta Psi Sorority, Inc. at the University of Oklahoma has selected The Dragonfly Home to be our Spring philanthropy. In which we have one week that is entirely dedicated to raising awareness of Human Trafficking and what The Dragonfly Home does to combat this issue.

Human Trafficking can take all forms and anyone can be a victim, so we believe it is important to educate our community about it and inform people of resources that The Dragonfly Home has to offer for anyone who needs it.

There is still much to be done to combat the issue of human trafficking, as it can take place internationally and domestically. We believe that by educating our community and connecting them to resources is vital to help raise awareness of this issue. We strongly support and believe in the mission of The Dragonfly Home, which is a wonderful and local nonprofit in our community, that is going to great lengths to help victims and survivors of human trafficking. Let us come together to be a part of a Future of Freedom!

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