3 Ways Freedom Flight Crew Fights Human Trafficking

March 30, 2020 Dragonfly

By giving to Dragonfly every month, members of the Freedom Flight Crew are helping fight human trafficking! Here are just THREE WAYS they’re making a difference!

1. Meeting emergency needs.

When some human trafficking survivors come to Dragonfly, they may not have had access to fresh clothes, nutritious food, or even a shower for a long time. They can get all these things when they come to our Human Trafficking Crisis Center thanks, in part, to our Freedom Flight Crew!

We have a selection of toiletries and clothing for all genders in a variety of sizes for survivors to choose from. We keep different types of food on-hand so survivors can take food with them if needed. We have full shower facilities for survivors to access. It’s so easy to take these things for granted, but it can be a crucial first step toward freedom to have these basic necessities met!

2. Providing a safe space.

Freedom Flight Crew Members understand that services for human trafficking survivors don’t happen without a safe, comfortable space to get help. Dragonfly’s Human Trafficking Crisis Center has become a refuge for survivors who come to receive our specialized care. We often hear things from survivors like: “I feel safe here.” “This place is so peaceful.” “I always look forward to coming here.”

By giving monthly, FFC Members build a foundation for making sure human trafficking survivors can come to our cozy, inviting, home-y center to receive services. It’s a warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer. A place to sit comfortably and have a snack. A place to set aside the weight of the world for a little while.

3. Prevention of human trafficking through our Community Outreach Team.

Dragonfly knows how important it is to prevent human trafficking from ever happening. Our Community Outreach Team gives presentations throughout Oklahoma City and Oklahoma, reaching diverse communities and youth with information about human trafficking. We also present about internet safety to teen and tween groups to help them stay safer onlineā€”a place where traffickers are constantly trying to target this age group for recruitment.

Our Community Outreach Team also shares information about services we provide for human trafficking survivors. Somewhat frequently, people who attend our presentations realize that they or a loved one are experiencing or have experienced human trafficking. They are able to connect with Dragonfly for help.