May 22, 2019 Dragonfly

When we last saw Hero the miniature schnauzer, his loving dog mom, Avis, had won her bid for him at Dragonfly’s 2018 Crown of Beauty Gala Silent Auction! But where is he now?? We caught up with Hero to get the scoop!

Hero at The Crown of Beauty Gala in 2018

Hero – official full name Dragonfly Hero – just celebrated his first birthday! In just his first year of life, this pup has truly made friends and influenced people.

Hero began his life by helping The Dragonfly Home raise money to fund our services for survivors of human trafficking! He was the most precious silent auction item at our annual Crown of Beauty Gala in 2018 and was the hit of the night. Hero has not stopped making a difference since then! “He is truly raising awareness for human trafficking,” says his mom. Hero’s name often sparks conversation, opening the door for her to tell others about The Dragonfly Home and our mission to end human trafficking!

Hero today

Hero prefers to look sharp, wearing a bow-tie most everywhere he goes. He impresses everyone with his skills and smarts. At puppy school, Hero learned his new commands quickly and aced all his new tricks. That’s where he met his best friend Boomer, too!

“He loves being a road dog and going both to new and his favorite places,” his mom said. Hero’s favorite places to hang out include the pet supply store, where everyone knows his name and loves him, and his grandma’s house. Though he loves car rides, he prefers to avoid the car wash at all costs.

Hero on his first birthday and at puppy school graduation with his best friend, Boomer

Pup cones are Hero’s favorite treat! Put a banana in front of him though and he will not touch it (he doesn’t mind the peanut butter on the banana, though).

Hero can frequently be seen with his favorite toy – a colorful dragonfly – to honor his full name and how he got his start supporting services for survivors of human trafficking at The Dragonfly Home! We are honored to have Hero on our team!