Two Vehicles Donated to Dragonfly!

October 17, 2018 Dragonfly

We are super excited to announce that Norman Mitsubishi and Big Red Sports/Imports donated a second vehicle to The Dragonfly Home!!

Staff at The Dragonfly Home need vehicles to transport human trafficking victims to safe places, whether that means taking them to a location that is hundreds, or even thousands, of miles away from a dangerous trafficker or someplace local where they can gain access to life-saving, life-changing services. Norman Mitsubishi and Big Red Sports/Imports donated two vehicles to The Dragonfly Home to make that happen.

“Trafficking is heartbreaking and we want to help The Dragonfly Home attack it anyway we can by providing anything they need.

Thinking about all the good giving does…it changes people’s lives, literally. We are committed and here for the long run as a partner with The Dragonfly Home,” said Andy Elliott, General Manager of Norman Mitsubishi and Big Red Sports/Imports.

Chris Mayes, Owner of Norman Mitsubishi and Big Red Sports/Imports, and Elliott first donated a vehicle to The Dragonfly Home in February 2017. The rate of human trafficking survivors in greater Oklahoma City who need help has increased so much in the last year and a half that The Dragonfly Home needed to expand substantially. A second vehicle became a critical need. Mayes and Elliott stepped in to fill that need. “We are going to service these vehicles we donate at no charge and keep them on the road to save lives daily,” Elliott added.

“The people we serve may be in imminent danger from traffickers who are trying to track them down. We can use these cars to relocate them to safer locations far away from that dangerous person.”

“The vehicles donated by Norman Mitsubishi and Big Red Sports/Imports directly impact the lives of human trafficking survivors in such a positive way,” said Whitney Anderson, Co-founder and Executive Director of The Dragonfly Home.

The Dragonfly Home staff provides transportation for clients to shelter within Oklahoma and throughout the country as needed, as well as to appointments with service providers such as doctors, counselors, and attorneys. From just April to June of 2018, The Dragonfly Home provided 1,250 miles of transportation for human trafficking victims. The need for their services for victims of human trafficking in Oklahoma City continues to increase.

“We are working continuously at The Dragonfly Home to expand our services. We are truly so thankful to Chris and Andy for their incredible donations,” Anderson added. “A second vehicle means we can help even more people, which is crucial because the need for services for survivors of human trafficking in Oklahoma City is growing on a daily basis.”