August 29, 2018 Dragonfly

A Crown of Beauty for Caroline

Caroline*, a survivor of human trafficking, is an inspiration for The Crown of Beauty Gala.

Our inspiration for naming our gala The Crown of Beauty Gala comes from a verse in the book of Isaiah. The words say that God takes ashes of crushed hopes and dreams and and gives a “crown of beauty” in their place. We wish for each human trafficking survivor we serve to receive a crown of beauty, representing their restored hope and freedom. Caroline’s story represents this idea so beautifully, so we wanted to share it with you.

When Caroline* was a little girl, her parents sold her for sex in exchange for money and drugs. Eventually, her parents were found to be neglectful and Caroline was put in state custody. No one knew about her past in child sex trafficking and she never told anyone out of guilt and shame. Instead of receiving help, Caroline was “just another kid in the system” left to deal with her mental anguish on her own.


Caroline tried to just forget about her experience of being sold for sex by her own parents, but she felt like she could never escape the searing emotional pain. Thankfully, just as she turned 18, a social worker who had been trained on human trafficking recognized Caroline’s red flags. She referred Caroline to The Dragonfly Home for help.


At The Dragonfly Home, Caroline*, a survivor of child sex trafficking, received help that was specific to her needs. She no longer felt like a number in a system. Not only did The Dragonfly Home provide counseling and significant emotional support, but Caroline also got help applying for college and building practical life skills. Now, Caroline wants to study social work so she can help other kids who had a childhood like hers.

“At Dragonfly, I don’t feel like a number or a statistic.” – Caroline


For Caroline*, a “crown of beauty” means growing in confidence of her value and taking steps toward the life she is meant to live!

It’s the support of people like you who made it possible for The Dragonfly Home to help Caroline!! It’s our pleasure to ask you to join us at The Crown of Beauty Gala, an evening that has proven to be fun and meaningful! Your attendance will help even more human trafficking victims like Caroline find that chance for a new life.

Crown of Beauty Gala Event Info HERE
Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 6-9pm | 21+ | Historic Farmer’s Public Market | 311 S. Klein

*name and images changed

Photos 1 and 2 by Jen’s Lens Photography.