August 27, 2018 Dragonfly

A Crown of Beauty for Jessica

Jessica*, a survivor of human trafficking, is an inspiration for The Crown of Beauty Gala.

We chose our gala’s name based on a verse in the book of Isaiah where God takes ashes life sometimes gives us – the remains of destroyed hope, a broken sense of self-worth – and gives a “crown of beauty” in their place. We wish for each human trafficking survivor we serve to receive a crown of beauty, representing their restored hope and freedom. We’re sharing Jessica’s story with you because it reflects this beautiful idea.

It seemed as though life handed Jessica* nothing but ashes of her hope and innocence. She was just 9 years old when a seemingly never-ending parade of her brother’s friends began molesting her, night after night. Desperate to escape, at age 16 she ran away — straight into the arms of a trafficker. He swore his love and devotion. Then he began selling her for sex.

Jessica endured being sex trafficked for years. The man who sold her made tens of thousands of dollars from the abuse of her body.

Jessica’s turning point came when she came to The Dragonfly Home through a social worker’s referral. At Dragonfly, Jessica finally found people who cared about her without asking anything in return. No judgment. No strings attached.The Dragonfly Home provided every single thing that Jessica needed to gain restoration after sex trafficking. She worked hard in therapy sessions to overcome all the terrible things that had happened to her. Now, she dreams of finishing her education and becoming an English teacher!

“For so long, people put labels on me. But now, I decide who I am.” – Jessica

For Jessica, a “crown of beauty” meant letting go of her past and reclaiming her sense of value and hope for a different life! She is an inspiration for The Crown of Beauty Gala!

It’s the support of people like you who made it possible for The Dragonfly Home to help Jessica!! It’s our pleasure to ask you to join us at The Crown of Beauty Gala, an evening that has proven to be fun and meaningful! Your attendance will help even more human trafficking victims like Jessica find the chance for a new life.

Crown of Beauty Gala Event Info HERE
Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 6-9pm | 21+ | Historic Farmer’s Public Market | 311 S. Klein

*name and images changed

Photos 1 and 2 by Jen’s Lens Photography.