August 27, 2018 Dragonfly

A Crown of Beauty for Becca

Becca*, a survivor of human trafficking, is an inspiration for The Crown of Beauty Gala.

The name for our Crown of Beauty Gala was inspired by a verse in the book of Isaiah where God replaces the ashes of brokenness and gives a “crown of beauty” in their place. We wish for each human trafficking survivor we serve to receive a crown of beauty, representing the restoration of their hope and freedom. We’re sharing Becca’s story with you because it so beautifully illustrates this verse.

The darkness of sex trafficking followed Becca her whole life.

In high school, her boyfriend sold her for sex, beating her if she tried to refuse. Still, she managed to get away from him and go on to graduate from college and begin a career. But Becca never told anyone about what had happened to her for fear of judgment.


The psychological anguish Becca had suffered from sex trafficking grew to the point that she lost all hope.

She decided to take her own life. Her turning point came when she took one last chance at finding hope and called The Dragonfly Home 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline. Becca began receiving specialized care to work through the trauma she suffered in sex trafficking. The Dragonfly team offered her support and connected her with trauma-focused counseling. Becca began to feel hope for her future.

“The night I called The Dragonfly Home, my whole life changed.” – Becca

For Becca, a “crown of beauty” represents living her life in light and hope! She is an inspiration for The Crown of Beauty Gala!

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Crown of Beauty Gala Event Info HERE
Thursday, October 3, 2019 | 6-9pm | 21+ | Historic Farmer’s Public Market | 311 S. Klein

*name and images changed

Photos 1 and 2 by Jen’s Lens Photography.