January 1, 2018 Dragonfly


As we roll into 2018, we invite you to jump into Human Trafficking Awareness Month! Here are a few reasons why Human Trafficking Awareness Month is important and how to take action to end human trafficking:

1. Survivors of human trafficking find The Dragonfly Home.

Take action: Help survivors of human trafficking find The Dragonfly Home by sharing our 24-Hour Human Trafficking Helpline number on social media! Find the number here.

2. Future victims of human trafficking are prevented.

Take action: Knowledge is power to prevent future victims of human trafficking. Learn more and/or refine what you know about the reality of human trafficking, then talk to your friends and family about it! Learn more here.

3. People give to the cause, providing critical services for survivors.

Take action: Donate to The Dragonfly Home here! You can also create your own fundraising page for The Dragonfly Home to share on your social media here!

4. People who have never heard of human trafficking will learn about it for the first time.

Take action: Spread awareness of human trafficking! Share, retweet, and regram The Dragonfly Home’s posts on social media! Follow us on Facebook – Instagram – Twitter.

5. Legislators become more aware of the issue.

Take action: Let your legislators know that human trafficking is important to you and encourage them to learn more! Find your legislators here.


Take action: Join The Dragonfly Home at events all over central Oklahoma during Human Trafficking Awareness Month! Go to our Events page and find some you can attend!