She Decided to Make a Difference

August 21, 2017 Dragonfly

Maddie took it to heart when we said that everyone has a role to play in ending human trafficking.

Maddie beside just some of the donations she received through her therapeutic item drive. Not even half of the donations are pictured here!

She listened to the voice inside of her head and boldly took a leap of faith to get involved in supporting services for victim survivors of human trafficking. She realized that while she may not be able to assist victims in a hands-on manner, she could provide support in a different way

After attending our Human Trafficking Impact Group (get info about the next one here!) earlier this summer, Maddie reached out to The Dragonfly Home to see what she could do. Working with our leadership, she organized a therapeutic item drive that would benefit those we serve who are on their journey of recovery from human trafficking.

Maddie’s approach was simple: she posted about the drive on social media and reached out to people her circle.

In a matter of weeks, she had an influx of adult coloring books, markers, stress balls, fidget spinners, and much more arriving at her doorstep. “My first donation was surprising because it was from a family friend who lived out of state and shipped the donations to my house!” Maddie said. Her family, friends, sorority – Sigma Phi Lambda, and church – Concord Missionary Baptist Church – enthusiastically supported her. Her coworkers crocheted blankets especially for the drive.

A closer look at a few of the unique donations Maddie received. These are specially designed to reduce anxiety!
Play-Doh in every color of the rainbow!

Survivors of human trafficking at The Dragonfly Home have already benefitted from the items Maddie received through her drive.

During therapy sessions, when working through some of the hardest things that can happen to a person, survivors have used the items as a healthy coping mechanism. With the growth of our Court Advocacy Program, the therapeutic items have eased the tension and anxiety surrounding courtroom experiences. As survivors testify against the men who sold them or who purchased sex from them, they can use therapeutic items to stay calmer and more relaxed.

“I learned how important it is to be faithful to God in the small things and He will be faithful in the big things,” Maddie said. Through her obedience to God and compassionate heart, Maddie has already made an impact in the lives of human trafficking victim/survivors.