#LoveLifts through Two Chairs, a Couch, and a Personal Mission.

March 30, 2017 Dragonfly

I was originally introduced to human trafficking in the summer of 2016 by a dear friend that I consider a mentor of mine. I was so moved by her passion and excitement toward a subject that most people shy away from, I knew I had to follow her leading and get involved. Anyone that has ever met Mrs. Frances Pike knows, when she urges you to do something, you do it! Frances invited me to be a part of the A21 Walk for Freedom last October in OKC, where she graciously introduced me to the incredible team at The Dragonfly Home. I knew in my heart that Frances introduced me to these women for more than one reason – this was to be a divine connection in my life.

After meeting the Dragonfly Team, I knew I was supposed to be involved in some way and I needed to become part of the solution for human trafficking.

I decided to attend their trainings so I could learn more about human trafficking. I was blown away by the misconceptions I had grown up with when it came to prostitution and to see how prevalent human trafficking is in our own backyard. I was able to learn how to have a trauma informed approach with survivors and how I could start to raise awareness in my family, with friends, and in my personal life. If we can break down the barriers of communication, shame and embarrassment that surrounds this epidemic, we can start to make a change!

When God brought The Dragonfly Home into my life, I knew this organization was supposed to be a part of my mission. 

God placed on my heart long ago that I was supposed to be in the mission field and to work with a non-profit, but I never knew what that would look like. I have a career and background in sales and I know God gave me those talents to use for his ministry. Dragonfly has been the first organization where I have been able to put my sales expertise to use by approaching local retailers for contributions.

I love inviting friends and family over for dinner at my home. Usually friends will bring a side dish or beverages, but I began asking friends to bring small donations in the form of gift cards for a local retailer instead to donate to Dragonfly. It has proved to be really successful and my friends love it because they get to contribute and help the cause.

I was able to donate a store credit from a local furniture gallery to help furnish The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center. Ironically enough, I had no need for anything the store sold and had attempted selling the credit multiple times with no luck. However, through the grace and perfect timing of God, I was able to gift the credit to Dragonfly, a very deserving organization, and the results were far more fulfilling than any other attempt I had made. Seeing the beautifully decorated rooms during my tour and reading the survivor stories of how comfortable they feel in The Dragonfly Home brings tears to my eyes. God’s way and timing is so perfect!

I also heard about the #LoveLifts Campaign on Facebook and was so excited to see David and Lezlie Hudiburg passionately commit to helping The Dragonfly Home raise the funds they need to continue providing their services to human trafficking survivors.

I was able to make a donation, and through the Hudiburgs’ Matching Challenge, my donation was doubled! I have been encouraging friends and family to get online and give a gift, even if it is small, because it will go twice as far.

I am truly inspired by the women that run The Dragonfly Home. I have seen their smiles when they get to tell stories of true transformations in the lives of human trafficking survivors. They have laid everything on the line for the women and men impacted by human trafficking in this city and all over our country. I couldn’t ask to be a part of a more deserving organization.

Note: The #LoveLifts Campaign is a $25,000 Matching Challenge from David and Lezlie Hudiburg running through March 31! Give today and your impact on human trafficking will be DOUBLED for a total of $50,000!

– Jenna Dickenson, Supporter of The Dragonfly Home