A Place Like Home|Andrea’s Story

March 16, 2017 Dragonfly

At the age of just 16 years old, Andrea* has endured physical, mental, and emotional trauma beyond comprehension.

After years of abuse by her foster parents, Andrea suffered the absolutely horrific experience of being sex trafficked by a brutal criminal street gang.

Thankfully, she was referred to The Dragonfly Home by her social worker. Andrea saw an opportunity for hope and decided to participate in The Dragonfly Home’s programming. She recently had her first appointment at our OKC Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center. Our staff worked hard to create a warm, welcoming, home-like atmosphere for our clients at the HTRRC and Andrea responded to it right away.

As she walked around the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center, Andrea exclaimed, “I love this place! It’s so cute!” Our Dragonfly Advocate offered her a drink and a snack; Andrea chose a granola bar and a Cherry Pepsi. She settled into our Therapy Room right away, immediately taking her shoes off, hopping onto the couch, tucking her feet under the cushions, all while wrapping herself up in a nearby throw blanket. Her Dragonfly Advocate stepped out to grab a pen and when she returned, Andrea smiled and asked “Is it ok for me to have my feet on the couch? I just feel so comfortable here!”

Every lovingly prepared detail – the decor, the snacks, the blanket – helped Andrea. She has a long and rough road to travel as she begins recovering from the severe trauma she suffered as a victim of sex trafficking. Having the chance to walk her path to restoration in the environment provided at The Dragonfly Home could make all the difference!

*name changed to protect her privacy