One Year of Dragonfly!!

March 16, 2017 Dragonfly

It was just over a year ago – March 13, 2016 – when the leadership of what would soon become Team Dragonfly met and shared our God-sized dreams with one another.

Dreams of opening the state’s first crisis center for victims of human trafficking. Dreams of what it would look like and be like. Dreams of who we would get to serve. Dreams of hope restored to victims and freedom regained.

As I sit here now in the tangible result of those dreams – The Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center, Oklahoma’s first state-certified crisis center for victims of human trafficking – I am flooded with absolute gratitude.

There is no denying that God’s faithful hand has been over all of what The Dragonfly Home has achieved in just one year. It turns out our dreams could not begin to match the beautiful reality of what we have seen and experienced in this short time. The dreams we dreamt couldn’t compare to the heart flutter I feel when survivor after survivor walks in the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center and says, “I feel so safe here,” or “This is a place where I can finally feel comfortable,” or best of all, “You all are like the family I never had.” After having experienced brutality that my heart cannot even fathom, these survivors see a light at the end of the tunnel at The Dragonfly Home. These are the small, beautiful moments that I feel so honored to experience.

Because of your support, we have already provided hundreds of services to victims of human trafficking in our state. 

Since receiving certification to provide care to victims of human trafficking by the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General in November 2016, we have fielded over 150 calls on our 24-Hour Human Trafficking Help Line in just four months! In comparison, The National Human Trafficking Hotline received 263 calls from Oklahoma for the entire year in 2016! We have also provided emergency transportation; jail visit advocacy; hours and hours of intensive, specialized case management; and crisis intervention to dozens of victims of human trafficking.

We even helped a client enroll in college!

A young mother of two small children, Courtney once dreamt of going to college, but had always been told she could never make it. After traffickers cruelly forced her into the commercial sex trade, she had lost all hope for her future and the future of her children.

Words simply do not exist to accurately describe the look on Courtney’s face as she prepared for college: overjoyed, ecstatic, euphoric even. She was thrilled when she got to tour her school, choose her classes, find her schoolbooks, and pick out a backpack! With ongoing support from The Dragonfly Home, Courtney will navigate financial aid, begin building healthy relationships, and receive educational support to make sure she succeeds in her classes. Her once far away vision of becoming a social worker is one step closer to becoming a reality!

This young woman’s life and her childrens lives are forever different because of YOU.

Team Dragonfly couldn’t be more grateful for you. Thank you for standing beside us, rooting us on, and faithfully blessing us and the people we serve. We have accomplished so much of what we set out to do in our first year and are thrilled to see what the next year brings!

Whitney Anderson

Executive Director, The Dragonfly Home