#LoveLifts through Coffee. And Perfect Timing

March 16, 2017 Dragonfly

You have almost certainly seen – and hopefully sipped – Crowned Coffee if you’ve attended any Dragonfly event. Co-owners Michael and Chris became our first Dragonfly Pathbreakers, faithful supporters since day one, true believers that #LoveLifts human trafficking victims to a future of freedom. For every pound of coffee sold, Crowned Coffee has donated 10% to The Dragonfly Home (also all the coffee for our Future of Freedom monthly donor campaign) (also coffee service for practically every event we’ve hosted).

True to form, now Crowned Coffee has come through with a very cool divine intervention story during our Hudiburg #LoveLifts Matching Campaign. During the holiday season, a couple of Crowned Coffee’s monthly donations built up, so they ended up submitting a sizeable donation all at once. That donation *just so happened* to fall during the #LoveLifts Campaign – and its impact was DOUBLED.

Leave it to these guys come through in a big way – as usual.

We rely on divine intervention in every aspect of The Dragonfly Home, so stories like this are so meaningful. Thank you, Crowned Coffee!!

By the way, the actual coffee that Crowned Coffee roasts? It’s amazing. The Guatemalan happens to be the favorite of this Dragonfly, but the Papua New Guinea is amazing and their new Sumatran is superb as well.

Are you connected to a restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, or café? Need coffee for your church, office, or upcoming event? Are you a person who just really loves coffee? Visit www.crownedcoffee.com to get in touch with Chris and Michael about supplying your caffeine needs.

You can also visit the following fine establishments to sample Crowned Coffee in your favorite coffee drink: Jitters (Midwest City at 15th and Post), Screen Door (Norman on Main St.), and Cyndi Beans (Nicoma Park on 23rd between Post and Westminster).

-Melissa Eick, Director of Communications and Development, The Dragonfly Home