Irresistible Desire for Freedom | Month of Thanks

November 13, 2016 Dragonfly

Month of Thanks - Intense Desire for Freedom - Human Trafficking - The Dragonfly Home`

Eleutheromania (n.) – An intense and irresistible desire for freedom

When I think about human trafficking, “eleutheromania” – an intense and irresistible desire for freedom – would be the word I would use to describe my heart. I got involved a few years ago working in a human trafficking shelter in Oklahoma City and from there my passion and knowledge grew. It breaks my heart to know that this injustice is going on and that humans are being sold to one another.

What gave humanity the okay to sell people for income?

Organizations like Polaris, International Justice Mission, A21, Exodus Cry, Wipe Every Tear, The Dragonfly Home, and others – I’m so thankful for the global community working together in fighting against this exploitation. We’ve got to say, “Not in our city, not in our nation, not in our world . . . ” and that is what we are doing. This should not be happening anywhere. To be able to know I’m a part of this fight and of Team Dragonfly, I’m so honored and excited to see the freedom that will be unveiled in our city.

“We’ve got to stand up and tell the darkness, ‘You aren’t going to keep doing this without a fight.'” – Pastor Phillip O’ Reilly

Freedom is here and Human Trafficking WILL END. I will keep fighting for injustice as long as I breathe. I will fight for her. I will fight for him. I will fight for you. I see you. God sees YOU.

-Huong, The Dragonfly Home