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Dragonfly Home in Oklahoma City helps victims of human trafficking

The Oklahoman | By Josh Dulaney |

“’One rule for the game that pimps follow is that you leave with nothing,’ said Whitney Anderson, co-founder and executive director of the Dragonfly Home Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center. ‘That’s what we’ve seen as service providers. They come in with typically nothing.’

Anderson and her team have 20 years of combined experience working with human trafficking survivors. On Nov. 23, the nonprofit became the first state-certified human trafficking crisis and restoration center, when the Oklahoma attorney general’s office gave its stamp of approval.

Since then, Dragonfly has received dozens of calls, provided emergency transportation for victims and taken in several survivors seeking to leave the illicit trade.”

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Accion Oklahoma | Dragonfly Home

Telemundo Oklahoma | 

“Recientemente abrió sus puertas una organización sin fines de lucro que busca ayudar a víctimas y sobrevivientes de trafico humano. Conozcamos un poco más de esta organización.

Con más de 20 años de experiencia Whitney Anderson y su equipo decidieron abrir Dragonfly Home un lugar donde pueden ayudar a víctimas de trafico humano.

‘Nosotros queremos ayudar crear mas concientización sobre el trafico humano porque nosotros nos dimos cuenta que varias persona no estaban recibiendo la ayuda que necesitaban.'”

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