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You are awesome.

(We really believe it.)

What do you like to do? Run? Knit? Paint? Read? Play video games? No matter what your interests, we can help you figure out a way to take what you love to do and use it to make a difference in ending human trafficking!

Volunteer Opportunities

Relief and Restoration Center or Hotline Advocate 
Preferred academic and/or professional backgrounds: Mental Health, Social Work, Medicine
. Volunteers will provide direct care services..

Professional Services

Professional Services needed include medical, dental, mental health, and legal. For professionals or clinics who would like to offer services pro bono to victims of human trafficking.

Communications, Media Production

Preferred academic and/or professional background: Communications, Public Relations, Journalism, Graphic Design, Media Production, English, Art, Photography, Music. 10 hours/month preferred. Volunteers will assist with communications projects, including: social media, video production, podcast production, campaigns, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Administrative Assistance

5-10 hours/month preferred. Volunteers will help with research, mailings, filing, organizing, etc.

Fundraising, Event Hosting

Volunteers can help at fundraising events hosted by The Dragonfly Home. We also really encourage you to put your creativity and favorite hobbies to use in the fight against human trafficking! Host a read-a-thon, a 5K, a dance, an art show/concert/performance night, an Arbonne party, a costume party, a bake sale at work…and donate the proceeds to The Dragonfly Home! If you let us know what you’re doing, we may provide you with digital materials to promote your event!

Internships- 5-10 hours a week preferred (or hours required by your internship program, if applicable). If your area of study fits into one of the volunteer fields listed above, we can probably work out an internship to suit your needs! We’re happy to work with you to craft an internship that will satisfy your requirements, as well as help you earn credit hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Dragonfly Home requires ALL volunteers to participate in the forty (40) hour Attorney General mandated training facilitated by Dragonfly Home staff, consent to a background check, and interview before volunteering. Becoming a Dragonfly volunteer is subject to Director approval.

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