Whitney Anderson, M.B.A.

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Called out of a successful career in the corporate world, Whitney has worked full time providing direct care to human trafficking victim/survivors and anti-human trafficking advocacy since 2012. Whitney has witnessed firsthand the need for increased services for human trafficking victims outside of the residential setting. Additionally, as an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation, she saw a gap in human trafficking services reaching Native Americans and other under served populations. She felt led to co-found The Dragonfly Home and establish the Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center to fill these gaps.

Whitney also believes strongly in the effectiveness of home-like residential setting for victims of human trafficking to recover. Prior to co-founding The Dragonfly Home, she spent four years as Assistant Executive Director at an anti-human trafficking NGO in Oklahoma City. There, she helped found OKC’s first state-certified residential program for adult women victims of sex trafficking. She also operated the organization’s non-residential program for male and female victims of both sex and labor trafficking.

Additionally, Whitney strongly believes in the power of awareness, education, and community outreach and has trained thousands of individuals in academic, tribal, professional, and community settings on human trafficking and related topics.

“At The Dragonfly Home, we are passionate about affecting long lasting, positive change in areas of human rights and injustice, specifically related to exploitation of highly vulnerable populations” – Whitney Anderson

Melissa Eick|The Dragonfly Home|Human Trafficking Victims Services|Director of Communications and Business Development

Melissa Eick, J.D.

Co-Founder & Director of Communications
and Development

While practicing law in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Melissa had a growing urgency to dedicate herself to anti-human trafficking advocacy. In 2014, she began working full time in the movement, primarily in communications and legal services for an Oklahoma City-based anti-human trafficking NGO. In 2016, along with her fellow co-founders, Melissa felt led to establish The Dragonfly Home to fill in gaps in services for victim/survivors of human trafficking.

As Director of Communications and Development, Melissa sees her role in communications as an outreach both to victim/survivors of human trafficking about available services, as well as to the community to increase awareness of the crime. Seeing the incredible impact that accessing trauma informed services can have in the lives of human trafficking victim/survivors, she sees that development goes hand in hand with communications. Spreading the word about The Dragonfly Home and fundraising are crucial for the organization to continually expand services and outreach.


“The community has tremendous power to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking; we all have a role to play. Take your favorite thing to do and use it to impact human trafficking. The Dragonfly Home can help you find new ways to get involved and opportunities to get equipped to bring this crime to an end.” – Melissa Eick


Co-Founder & Program Director

With an extensive background in serving health care and human service organizations, our Program Director and Co-Founder brings to The Dragonfly Home three years of experience as Program Director for an OKC-based residential program for adult women survivors of sex trafficking. A strong believer in the efficacy of home-based care for human trafficking survivors, she felt led to offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere in which non-residential clients could receive trauma informed, victim centered care/services.

Program Director photo withheld for privacy.

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Summer Welcher-Duke, Vice-President

Trang Green, Secretary

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